Dear Friends

Our church building is dedicated as St Luke’s. Our church congregations are called St Luke’s. But is it just a a name? What might we do as part of our association with St Luke? I have a suggestion.

Some parishes with a High Church Catholic tradition might make a big fuss about the Saint’s Day, which falls on the 18th October each year. However, we are more of a Low Church Evangelical tradition, so very often the Saint’s Day comes and goes without being noticed.

Here is my suggestion: I believe it would be a good thing for all of us at St Luke’s, if we became better acquainted with St Luke’s Gospel. As part of our identity as people of St Luke’s, wouldn’t it be appropriate that we knew his writings better?

We don’t know much about the man Luke. It is inferred from his writing that he was a doctor of medicine, and of Gentile rather than of Jewish heritage. He joined St Paul for a portion of two of his missionary journeys around Asia Minor and Greece. We don’t know his person, but we do know his writing. So let’s be more aware of the words of the person from whom we are named.

We often have readings from the beginning of Luke’s Gospel in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We often have readings and sermons from the last chapters of Luke’s Gospel at Easter and in the weeks following Easter Day. But we might need more time for all the bits in between

In our Midweek service we had a vote. Members of the congregation were asked which of the Gospels did they want us to preach through. John was a close second but Luke was the winner. Therefore, the last six months have had us making our way, bit by bit, through Luke’s Gospel. We have reached Chapter 7 and counting. It’s been a good thing for our 10.30 Wednesday morning congregation.

Maybe the time has come to introduce more of our Patron Saint to our Sunday morning services. Not just the beginning and end, but rather the middle of St Luke’s Gospel and the middle of his Acts of the Apostles.

That’s what we’re doing this Summer with our Sermon series. In June we worked our way through Acts chapter 13.

On the Sundays of July we are making our way through Luke chapter 12. In August it will be Luke Chapter 14

Come and hear more of St Luke at St Luke’s this Summer!

With my prayerful best wishes,