Letter for September 2023

Dear Friends

In early October (2nd-13th) we have the return of the Knitted Bible Experience. Thirty-five scenes from the Bible are reimagined using knitted characters. Favourites from the Old Testament and New, including Noah’s Ark and Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep. 

The Exhibition visited us in January 2022, soon after the Covid restrictions were lifted. It was the first school trip since lockdowns for all of the classes of Holmes Chapel Primary School, whose students, parents and teachers enjoyed the visit and a follow-up Assembly. Sadly, the classes of The Hermitage Primary were prevented from coming due to a large Covid outbreak in their school community, so we have rearranged.

In October, the classes of The Hermitage Primary School are being welcomed at St Luke’s Church, one at a time, for an hour each, to experience the Knitted Bible. It’s important for all young people in our society to have a good grasp of the main contents of the Bible, the world’s best seller and the holy book of the largest religion in the world. It’s important that schoolchildren are able to learn something of the scriptures which underpin the beliefs of the largest faith groups in our village, the three churches which make up Churches Together in Holmes Chapel.

In the last eighteen months, the whole community has enjoyed the celebrations of the dear late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Coronation of King Charles, with the help of a woolly Queen and a woolly King and a lot of woolly extras. Next month we hope to see the woolly extras again, for the Knitted Bible.

In the weekday evenings and over the weekend of 6th-8th October, everyone is welcome to visit for themselves. Look out for the bunting in the churchyard. And the announcements of visiting times. Or just come to church and find out more.

On September 14th, we launch a Toddler Group for parents/grandparents and their pre-school children. It will be named Early Birds, because the group will meet in the first part of Thursday mornings, from 9am to 10am, at St Luke’s Church Hall at the far end of the Tesco Car Park.

Photo by Erika Giraud on Unsplash

It is a while since St Luke’s ran a regular activity for parents and toddlers, but it’s important. We wish to serve people from all of the age groups in the village, and especially the families who are seeking to raise children in our community. We have a comfortable hall and a team of helpers ready to help provide activities (such as crafts, singing, and a storytime) as well as refreshments and time to chat.

Jesus Christ was keen to welcome children, at a time in history when they were preferred by many adults to be ‘out of sight and hearing’. When Jesus saw the disciples dealing with parents and children by keeping them away, he took action. ‘Let the little children come to me’ is his famous phrase, which is highlighted in one of St Luke’s stained-glass windows. And we would love to follow the example of our Lord and Saviour, by welcoming many children (plus their parents and carers) to the Early Birds Toddler Group – Thursdays 9am ‘til 10am, term-time – in St Luke’s Church Hall, £1 entry (incl. drinks), team leader Wendy MacDonald, starting 14th September.

It’s not an easy time to be a parent. Today’s generation of children face a series of big challenges. As a church, we are committed to helping parents to raise their children to be resilient, spiritually aware, warm-hearted, and community-minded.

Come to St Luke’s and help invest in things which matter.

Yours in Christ,