Church Hulme Parochial Church Council - (Holmes Chapel)

Parish Church of St Luke

PCC Contacts

  • Chairman and Vicar – Canon Rob McLaren: tel. HC 668695
  • Vice-Chairman and Churchwarden – Alastair Cragg: tel. HC534844
  • Giving Officer and Churchwarden – Jayne Weaver: HC532516
  • Secretary – Janet Chettle: tel. HC 668604
  • Treasurer – William Hall: tel. HC535497

Next PCC meeting:  Monday 10th  January 2022

  • agenda available here in early January.

Minutes of meeting: 8 Nov 21

Church Council Members: 2021-2022

(after Annual Meetings on 9th May and Council meeting on 10th May 2021)

Vicar and Chairman: Canon Rob McLaren        Vice-chairman: Alastair Cragg

Churchwardens:  Alastair Cragg, Jayne Weaver

Assistant Churchwardens: Peter Cotton, Stephen Haigh, Yvonne Janvier

Secretary: Janet Chettle           Treasurer: William Hall

Elected Lay Members:

Rachel Copley
Peter Cotton
Alison Dale
Timothy Fryer (Deanery Synod Rep.)
Stephen Haigh
William Hall (Deanery Synod Rep.)
Lee Hardy (Deanery Synod Rep.)
Yvonne Janvier
Trevor Jenkins
Paula Lavin (Safeguarding Officer)
Wendy Macdonald (Music Director)
John Oram
Fiona Pullé (Genesis Leader)
Alan Rickards
Barbara Smith (Deanery Synod Rep.)
Steve Smith (Electoral Roll Officer)

Lay Members co-opted to the PCC:

Valerie Cragg
Ray Davies

Church Officers from 9th May 2021

The following appointments were made/confirmed  by the PCC at its first meeting on 9th May 2021:

Chairman: Canon Rob McLaren         Vice-chairman: Alastair Cragg

Secretary: Janet Chettle                        Treasurer: William Hall

Data Protection, Health & Safety and
Parish Giving Officer
:   Jayne Weaver

Music Director: Wendy Macdonald   Electoral Roll Officer: Steve Smith

Fire Safety Officer: Peter Cotton       Genesis Leader: Fiona Pullé

Safeguarding Officer: Paula Lavin


Darren Cottier, Douglas Cragg, Richard Gabbitas, John Jack,

Glen Jackson, Sandra Jackson, Trevor Jenkins, John Land, 

Alan Lane, Anne Lane, John Oram, Jean Paton, Rod Pickles, William Pullé,

Lew Riches, Pat Riches, Lucy Suchland and David Thompson.

Lay Members co-opted to the PCC: Valerie Cragg and Ray Davies.

Minutes of PCC meetings:

For minutes of earlier meetings, please contact the PCC Secretary,  Janet Chettle (Tel. HC 668604)

Church Electoral Roll – 2021 Revision

The 2021 revision of the Church Electoral Roll ready for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on 9th May 2021 took place as advertised – see F2 Notice.   Following the revision, the Roll has 214 members who were listed here and on the Church noticeboards for checking before the APCM.  No corrections were notified.

The revised Roll may be inspected as a list of those named on a reasonable request to the Electoral Roll Officer (Dr Steve Smith: tel. HC 571872) or a Churchwarden.

Amended Churchyard Regulations 2007

– read as PDF

Minutes of Church Annual Meetings

For minutes of earlier meetings, please contact the PCC Secretary,  Janet Chettle (Tel. HC 668604)