MU November 2023 meeting

At this month’s meeting, our members and visitors enjoyed a presentation from Jane Colley who is a volunteer at St Paul’s Centre in Crewe Christian Concern. St Paul’s was one of the Railways Churches and was built in 1869. The Centre continues to work with disadvantaged people in society. While the public face of the organisation is its Café on the Corner and it’s Friday Sale Day, behind the scenes there is much going on.

St Paul’s Centre houses the Crewe Foodbank; it provides emergency assistance to those being re homed with furniture, bedding and kitchenware. There is also a provision of shoes for children referred by schools, a hot evening meal for struggling families once a week and a monthly Sunday lunch get together for people living alone. There is also a bike workshop refurbishing bikes and teaching bike maintenance, providing skills and ultimately a bike for those who have no transport to get to work. The Centre also provides a weekend hospital transport discharge programme taking patients home and providing food and support for their first week at home.

St Paul’s has a small team and many volunteers. There is a ‘Futures’ service giving young adults with disabilities the opportunity to learn life and work skills. Donations for the Centre’s Friday Sale Day would always be welcomed.

Looking forwards to our next meetings:

Wednesday 13th December is our meeting with Readings and Carols

Wednesday 17th January is our Epiphany Party.

If you need any more information, please ring one of us: Dorothy (HC 533704) or Carole (533882).