MU Meeting 17th May 2023

This month we invited Kath Murphy, who is a Reflexology therapist in the village. She had trained as a nurse and then a midwife. Whilst working as a midwife she realised that it was possible to help mothers about to give birth to relax through reflexology. So she trained, over in Australia, where she was living, and has been working as a Reflexologist for over 20 years.

Kath explained that our hands and feet both hold reflexes which reflect on parts of our body zones running down the front of our body. We can work on our own hands using certain areas to reduce stress and headaches. Reflexology can rebalance the body, improve the body circulation, reduce stress and rid the body of all its toxins. It can help us to look after ourselves and enables us practise mindfulness.

Kath then did a Reflexology demonstration and we were able to persuade Kathy Cornford to volunteer to have her feet worked on. Thank you, Kathy!

All the ladies enjoyed the demonstration and asked questions afterwards.

Our next meeting is our Strawberry Supper on the evening of Tuesday 13th June. If you would like any tickets please ring HC 533882.


Carole Elliott and Dorothy Wood