MU Meeting:  19th April 2023

This month’s meeting was attended by 25 members and we were first saddened to hear the news that our dear, long-standing member, Ann Stafford, had passed away that morning.

We went on to welcome our vicar, Canon Rob McLaren, who had been invited as our guest speaker to learn how his being a choirboy had influenced his life.

Would he choose judo or choir as a boy? Well, choir won and taught him so much that would be useful in his later life. He wasn’t impressed by his early Sunday School days, but from the age of 7 he could join the choir instead – they had a football team and he could get paid for singing at weddings!

The choir had so many advantages; it helped him learn how to sing properly, to play instruments, and to read music. He learned from it how to cope with being at the front, and how to tackle nerves. Even the fact that he had to dress up in the choirboy cassock and ruff was a good lesson. He also learnt to be a bellringer. All these were valuable assets for his future life.

Rob’s talk gave us a fascinating insight to where his ministry started and how being a choirboy had helped him.

Next month we are welcoming Kath Murphy, a reflexologist in the village, who wants to introduce us to the benefits of reflexology. Do come and join us if you can, on Wednesday May 17th at 2pm in the Church Hall.

If you want any more information, please ring Dorothy on HC 533704 or me on HC 533882.

Carole Elliott