MU Meeting 16th November – ‘Who inspired you?’

The meeting included quite a discussion following the considerable rise in membership fees. Ann Peach, from Brereton and also a Trustee of MU, explained where all the money went to and how MU is in deficit by a considerable amount.

The theme for the meeting was ‘Who has inspired you?’

Margaret Hardwick told us how joining the Brownies and Guides has inspired her in many ways, including always doing hospital corners, always looking to make sure you haven’t left things behind, learning knots which have helped her with her gardening. All the things she learned helped her throughout the war years, and she wished she could have thanked all those leaders who taught her so many things.

Val Cragg told us about a couple of friends from her Church who set up meetings during the day or evenings, and how they discussed what sort of areas the Church needed help with. These discussions inspired starting Bible study groups, which were not available at the Church. Members took it in turn to host at their house, and to lead the meetings. When the couple moved to another area it was suggested that Val took over leading the meetings, which she did for many years. She felt that she was completely inspired by Vera and Roy and that they were great enablers and inspirers.

Dorothy Wood told us how her first teacher had inspired her when she moved to South Wales and how she helped her to integrate into a completely new part of the country, having moved from the north. She gave her a copy of Milly Milly Mandy, which Dorothy still has, and was a very caring person to her at a very young age.

We also celebrated Margaret Hardwick’s 90th birthday with cakes made by Dorothy, and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.


report by Carole Elliott


Our December meeting will be on the second Wednesday 14th, not the usual third one, as 21st December would be too close to Christmas.

John Murfin is coming to show and tell about handbells, and we will then sing your choice of Christmas Carols. Mince pies will be served with our cups of tea. We look forward to seeing you then.

Please ring Carole on HC 533882 or Dorothy on HC 533704 if you would like more information.