This year a group of MU members organised by Rhain Jesson of High Legh MU helped to run the Mother and Baby tent at the Cheshire Show. Dorothy Wood and Carole Elliott helped on the Tuesday, which was actually a very dry, sunny day in the middle of many rainy days. The Wednesday was a bit more inclement.

A total of 366 families visited the facility over the two days, many of whom were return visitors and very grateful for the services provided. This has been reflected in the many positive comments received throughout the two days. A total of £156.46 was donated by parents and grandparents, and some of this will be sent to the Away From It All funds, which enable needy families to have a holiday.

Comments were made as to why other shows would not provide this facility, but the Cheshire Show organisers are very generous in this respect and even provide an amount of money for the purchase of changing mats, tabards and other necessary equipment. 

If anyone is interested in offering their services next year let us know, but be prepared for quite a bit of standing and cleaning changing mats!