MU AGM – 20th March 2024

Twenty members attended our Annual General Meeting this year. As usual we read out the report of events over the last year, but this year Dorothy couldn’t present our financial report through her illness. However the report was agreed with Chester Diocese.

During Dorothy’s convalescence, we will need to operate as a member-run group relying on all members to help out with setting up and planning. A list was sent round for members to sign up for all the small jobs it takes to run a meeting, and I was very pleased to see that most members who were able did in fact sign up to help me out.

The matter of decorating the Cross was discussed. Again I was really pleased that Beryl Philpott and Anne Lane will be available to help on Good Friday and Beryl is able to provide greenery to fill in around the edges. Val Cragg and Barbara Street will give out flowers for the 10.30 service on Easter Sunday and be on hand to help attach them to the Cross during the Service. I will do this at the 9.00 Service. Again, I was so pleased that members will help out when we need it.

We then served scones and cakes, and spent time chatting to members.

I went home feeling really pleased, comforted and supported by the fact that members are willing to help out, especially as Dorothy may be unavailable for a few months yet.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 17th April, when Barbara Yates will demonstrate her art of making Miniaturists. This will be at 2pm in the Church Hall.

If you are interested in joining us, just come along to St Luke’s Church Hall at 2pm, or ring me on HC 533882 (mob. 07942 900292) . You will all be welcome.

Carole Elliott