This is an annual event at St. Luke’s Mothers’ Union which we have been holding for many years. It aims to raise money for the MU Summer of Hope overseas fund. This year we sold nearly 60 tickets, and wondered how many would actually turn up due to the very inclement non-Summer weather. However, despite the wet weather, nearly everyone attended.

We invited all our Deanery members, and also our friends from High Legh and Henbury.

The evening always begins with a table quiz to keep people busy whilst waiting for everyone to arrive. This year it was a set of 20 anagrams concerned with food and drink.

We also had notice of a member’s 88th birthday today, that of Christine Jones, so we celebrated with a cake and singing Happy Birthday to her.

As usual we provide scones with cream and strawberries and a variety of cakes made by our members. There is also the opportunity to buy from the Bring and Buy stall, the book stall and the raffle, which always has good prizes.

Whilst enjoying the scones and cakes we present the Big Quiz, for which there is a prize for the winner. This varies each year, and this year it was divided into 5 sections of different subjects, the last section being MU. The winners of this quiz were Henbury (regular winners) closely followed by Sandbach Heath.

This is always a successful evening, and each year we try to make it a bit different. We always wonder how many more years we can do this before people lose interest, but every year when people go out of the door they say how much they enjoyed it.

It is also a good opportunity to raise funds for MU overseas  and this year we managed to raise £344, so it was worth the effort.

We would like to thank all those members who put in all that extra hard work to set up the room for the evening and who helped behind the scenes, running stalls, making teas, washing up and clearing up the room afterwards.

Thank you again,

Carole Elliott and Dorothy Wood