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Letter from our vicar – May 2024

Dear Friends,

We thank the Lord for over twenty years of Genesis leadership by Fiona, Jayne and Karen (see their report in the Church magazine) and we thank the Lord for a new Sunday Children’s Group team who have already started this term’s Genesis group (see item here).

It has been helpful that Genesis has been well led over many years. Its good reputation for spiritual care and Christian encouragement has been a big bonus going forward. We said a heartfelt thank you on Palm Sunday and then spent the Easter Holidays praying for and seeking a new team.

Such team changeovers can be rather difficult, but this one has seen the Lord provide graciously. Finding sufficient volunteers to relaunch the group might have been hard. However, I am very pleased to say we have a new team of three leaders. We also have a new start time.

Genesis will now start at 10.30 with everybody in church for the first five minutes. Then after a children’s song and Show & Tell, the Genesis group will go to the Church Hall for their session. Leaders and children and parents, if they wish, will join together for half an hour of Christian teaching, activities, and fun aimed at those in the Primary School age bracket.

Parents will be able to collect their children in the church hall, as soon as the service finishes in church. And on the monthly Holy Communion Sunday the group may come back into church for a prayer at the Communion rail.

Charlotte, Debbie and Steph are the leaders. ‘Faith in Kids’ is the teaching material we are trying first. Please pray for a good smooth transition and a happy work amongst children for a long time to come.

We British are good at talking about the weather, but are we good at praying for the weather?

I have noticed the unusually wet months of recent times have been a topic of concern in many conversations. Many farmers have been thwarted in ploughing their fields and planting their crops. Puddles and moss have taken over gardens and driveways. It’s been miserable for those who like sunny days and an outdoor life.

What have we done about it? We natter and comment. Maybe moan. But have we prayed?

The prayerbook litany, that we often use at the 9am prayerbook service, gives us a good prayer. It is short and to the point. That’s Jesus’ style.

You are very welcome to use it. If you have a Common Worship prayer book, its on page 286. If you don’t, it is as follows:

“Let us pray to the Lord:

For good weather,

And for abundant harvests for all to share,

Lord, have mercy.”

With my prayers for a great Summer term for the life of God’s church and the people of our community.

Yours in Christ,