May 2022 Letter from our Vicar

Dear Friends

We need prayer. We always need prayer. And when all sorts of other things on which we rely are feeling less reliable, we do well to recognise that a living relationship with our Heavenly Father is more necessary than ever. We need prayer because the lifeblood of our relationship with God is prayer.

If you are struggling to pray, and many people are struggling in this period following the Covid disruption, then there are people at St Luke’s ready and willing to help by praying with you. When you come to church on Sunday at 9am or 10.30am, straight after the service, make your way to the side chapel, just behind where the singers usually lead the hymn singing. There will be someone waiting to pray with you. Someone is waiting to hear from you the concerns you would like to be prayed for. They will listen to your request and put it into words of prayer.

Someone from the prayer ministry team has committed to being available after each service. It’s important. We need help to pray. We need inspiration to pray. The prayer ministry team are set aside to offer that help. They are only too thankful when people take up the offer.

It may be that you look over at the prayer ministry person and you’re not sure they’re the one for you. If so, leave it for a week and try the different person the following week.

The team members are committed to being confidential and discreet with your requests for prayer. They are called to listen and pray. Nothing less and nothing more.

We thank them for this valuable ministry in Jesus’ name. And thank you for seeking to use it more and more.

Yours in Christ,


Canon Rob McLaren