photos – Jean McClaren and Carole Elliott

St Luke’s Ladies Wine Tasting Social

Well, the men had a men’s wine tasting evening so why couldn’t the ladies do the same?

So, on Friday 17th May we invited David, Churchwarden at St George’s in Poynton, who had developed a very deep interest in wine and wine-tasting after working for a German company and spending time over in Germany (tasting lots of wine!). Just over twenty of us took part at Bridget Senior’s house.

David brought six wines with him – Champagne, two white, a rosé and a red, finishing with a dessert wine. He gave us lots of information and interesting facts about pouring wine, tasting wine, and where the wines come from, with lots of fascinating stories.

We started in the garden with Champagne (naturally only produced in that area of France), with certain foods to complement it. Then followed by two more whites, and again appropriate food to complement. We then moved inside the house for the rosé, and the red (Pinot Noir). David asked us many questions along the way to fill in a crossword, and I think by the time we got to the dessert wine, we weren’t sure of any answers!

It was a really good social evening, getting to know lots of people we may never have spoken to before, and David was very entertaining. There was plenty of food, specially chosen to complement the wines, with sweet biscuits at the end to go with the dessert wine.

Thank you, Bridget, for the loan of your house, which was just the right venue for the evening! Let’s hope we can do it again and invite lots more people.


Carole Elliott
for The Social Committee