Knitted Bible Experience in St Luke’s Church – 28th Jan – 4th Feb 2022

Knitted Bible, a child-friendly exhibition which tours the nation, is in Holmes Chapel at the end of January.  St Luke’s parish church is the host.  The Children’s Team Leader, Fiona Pullé and vicar, Canon Rob McLaren have invited village Primary Schools and would like everyone else to know they are welcome to visit the Knitted Bible Experience in St Luke’s starting on the weekend of 29 – 30th January.

Children are some of those whose lives have been disrupted most unhelpfully over the last two years, so the church is glad to enable the children of Holmes Chapel enjoy a near-to-school visit at the historic centre of the village. Through the week beginning 31st January, every class can take its turn to experience Knitted Bible for 45 minutes.

The Knitted Bible is provided by a team of knitters from an enterprising and ordinary church in Hartlepool.  Children are helped by the delighting and stretching of their imaginations.  Knitted Bible provides 35 scenes from the Bible with colourful backdrops and knitted figures.  These simple images will help both children and adults to imagine some of the key events of the Old Testament and New Testament.

Children need a bit of fun.  Knitted Bible is a quirky approach which will bring a smile to our faces in the middle of these Winter months.

And the rest of us can visit too.  St Luke’s church will be open on Saturday 29th Jan from 10am ‘til 4pm, and on Sunday afternoon 30th Jan from 12.30pm ‘til 4pm.  Plus  the following Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs evenings from 6pm ’til 8 pm.

In recent times, you may have seen the outside of the church premises decorated by knitting.  The people of St Luke’s would love you to see the inside too, set up for you to visit the Knitted Bible.

You can find out more about the scenes depicted in the Knitted Bible here