January 2022 letter

Dear Friends

Youngsters are some of those whose lives have been disrupted most unhelpfully over the last two years, so this month we are doing a project to help the children of Holmes Chapel catch up a bit.

In a time when children may have missed out on out-of-school visits, we can offer a convenient near-to-school visit to see an exhibition which tours the nation. Thanks to the Knitted Bible, provided by an enterprising and ordinary church in Hartlepool, there is an opportunity for all of the children in both primary schools in the village. Every class can take its turn to visit their parish church for 45 minutes.


Children are helped by the delighting and stretching of their imaginations. Knitted Bible provides 35 imaginative scenes from the Bible with colourful backdrops and knitted figures. These simple images will help children and adults to imagine some of the key events of the Old Testament and New Testament.

All of the children will be helped by authentic engagement with the events which were part of the founding of two of the major world religions. The fifteen Old Testament scenes are of some of the most inspiring moments in the Hebrew Scriptures of Judaism. These and the twenty New Testament scenes are basic to a true understanding of Jesus Christ and Christianity. The profound influence of the Judeo-Christian worldview on Western Society over many centuries has a much better chance of being grasped by young minds if they see a basic representation of things for themselves. It is hard to understand our world today unless you have a true recognition of the motivating source of the two-billion-plus people in our world who are Christians by conviction.

Children need a bit of fun. Knitted Bible is a quirky approach which will bring a smile to our faces in the middle of these Winter months.

And at the weekend, plus in the evenings of the week beginning 28th January, the rest of us can visit too. Knitted Bible should catch the imagination of adults and teenagers as well.

The Yarn Bombers of Holmes Chapel have provided the knitting which has put us on the map for outside woolly offerings in recent times. It would be good if Knitted Bible put us on the map for our love of the Bible too.

Any knitters and scene constructors out there? If you can help, tell Fiona Pulle or myself.

Yours with prayerful best wishes for the new year,



Knitted Bible images from St George’s United Reformed Church, Hartlepool website

Feature image by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash