Update for parents of Genesis children: January 2021

Hello everyone

We hope you were able to enjoy a safe and happy Christmas and we pray for a brighter 2021 where vaccines are being administered safely, decisions are made responsibly, and kindness is modelled: both given and received.

Having recently watched the first two episodes of David Attenborough’s, A Perfect Planet on BBC1, I was struck by these words:

Our planet is one in a billion, but a new dominant force is changing the face of the Earth: humans. To preserve our perfect planet, we must ensure we become a force for good.

I hope the Church is seen very much as a force for good in the community of Holmes Chapel; the church is not just an ancient building but is us – we make the Church; we are the Church. As such I hope we can work together, support each other, and look out for others in our community over the coming months. If you yourselves or others known to you are needing any support, reassurance or friendship at the moment please do be in touch. As part of the Church network group, Karen, Jayne and I pray for you and your families but if there is anyone else you would like us to include in our prayers please do let us know.

Genesis returns on Sunday 10th January, again at 9.45am- 10.15am, and we are very excited about seeing everyone again on our Zoom account: (Note: Genesis Zoom access details have already been sent by email to parents.)

This timing allows us to join the first part of the main St Luke’s Morning Service which begins at 10.25 for 10.30am (on Zoom ID: 856 031 5150 Password: 902272) so we can share our learning with the congregation. There is no expectation that Genesis will stay for the whole service, perhaps just the first 15 minutes of it, but of course you are welcome to stay longer.

This update gives our activities up to and including Easter Sunday. For the next month we shall focus on the life of David from shepherd boy to king before we explore Lent, Mothering Sunday and the events that led to the death of Jesus on Good Friday and his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday.

  • 10th January: Introducing David- the shepherd boy and song writer
    1 Samuel 16 v 1-13 and 14-23
  • 17th January: All age family Service – No Genesis
  • 24th January: David the warrior shepherd (David and Goliath)
    1 Samuel 17 v 20-37 and 55-18 v5
  • 31st January: David and Jonathan – a loyal friendship
    1 Samuel 20 v 1-17 and 35-42
  • 7th February: David honours God and spares Saul’s life and David dances for the Lord
    1 Samuel 24 v1-20 and Psalm 146
  • 14th February: Shrove Tuesday and preparing for Lent.
    #Love lent: God’s story: our story
  • 21st February: All age family Service – No Genesis
  • 28th February: Lent – Jesus preparing and fasting.
    Luke 4 v1-13 and Matthew 4 v1-11
  • 7th March: Mothering Sunday preparations. Ruth and Naomi
    Verses from book of Ruth as appropriate.
  • 14th March: All age family Service – No Genesis
  • 21st March: Palm Sunday preparations
    Matthew 21 v 1–9
  • 28th March: Holy week – the days after Palm Sunday
    Luke 19-22 verses as appropriate
  • 4th April: Easter Sunday all age worship- No Genesis


As ever, if you know of anyone who is thinking about trying Genesis on Zoom and would appreciate a newsletter or phone call, please do let us know.

With many thanks,

Fiona Pulle, Jayne Cawood and Karen Cragg
The Genesis team

Email: fionapulle@outlook.com
Phone: 01477-537796/ 07443 644457