Update for parents of Genesis children: Sat 2 May, 2020

Hello everyone

As you know, because of the public health restrictions, Church services and Genesis are now suspended and the church and hall buildings are now closed until further notice.

Zoom Activities at St Lukes

It’s been lovely to see some of you on Zoom services on Sunday mornings at 10am (normally lasts 20-25 mins) – encouragingly around 50 people took part last week.

There are also short Morning Prayer sessions by Zoom each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9am and a longer Prayer session on Thursday morning starting at 9.30am.  You would be most welcome to join in any of these.

[Note: everyone already involved with Genesis at St Luke’s should by now already have received the details by email to log in. We can’t put those details in the website but, if you haven’t received the details or are local to Holmes Chapel and would like to join in, please contact secy@stlukesholmeschapel.uk and we’ll let you have them.]

If you haven’t zoomed in yet, why not give it a go tomorrow at 10am? Our vicar Rob mutes us all as he speaks/ for reading/prayers, so please don’t worry about children chatting and being overheard.

This evening, 2nd May from 8pm, for some light relief, there is a Zoom Quiz for all the Church Family which our daughter and son, Lucy and William, have writtne and are writing and hosting.  It’s a Quiz on Zoom for all the Church family tonight– five rounds of ten questions with something for everyone – and if successful we will think about repeating!

Bible Study and House groups

Two of our small bible study/house groups are running again and a new group is proposed for Tuesday evenings at 8pm. Please let Rob know if you are interested in joining: vicar@stlukesholmeschapel.uk.

Resources and prayers for Church families

Some general resources which you might find helpful

The Church of England is launching ‘Faith at Home’ on 7th May to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people. Each week they will publish a range of content to support families and discuss and explore key Christian themes e.g hope, courage, love. See https://www.churchofengland.org/faith-action/faith-home/i-am-parent

There is also a useful a link to the new remote school set up by the Government to support home learning: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/.   This contains useful online lessons for EYFS – Year 9 focusing on foundation subjects as well as Literacy and Maths.  Also check out Fischy music on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/Fischymusic. They have free online songs and offer Collective Worship each Monday for families to enjoy.

Prayers with children

A prayer for when a friend is ill

Dear God, (name of friend) is ill. They are not allowed to go to school or come over to play.
I’m sad because I miss them. They must be feeling miserable and lonely as well.
Please be close to them. Please be with the people who are looking after them.
Please help them to get better and to know that you love them.

A prayer for the world

God of love and hope, you made the world and care for all creation, but the world feels strange right now.
The news is full of stories about Coronavirus. Some people are worried that they might get ill.
Others are anxious for their family and friends. Be with them and help them to find peace.
We pray for the doctors and nurses and scientists, and all who are working to discover the right medicines to help those who are ill.
Thank you that even in these anxious times,
you are with us. Help us to put our trust in you and keep us safe.

A prayer at bedtime

Before the ending of the day, Creator of the world, we pray that you,
with steadfast love, would keep your watch around us while we sleep.
Tonight we pray especially for (names family or friends who are affected by Coronavirus) and the people of (country or place which is affected by Coronavirus).
Please give skill and wisdom to all who are caring for them.

A prayer remembering God is with us

Lord God, you are always with me. You are with me in the day and in the night.
You are with me when I’m happy and when I’m sad. You are with me when I’m healthy and when I am ill.
You are with me when I am peaceful and when I am worried.
Today I am feeling (name how you are feeling) because (reasons you are feeling this way).
Help me to remember that you love me and are with me in everything today.

With love and support

Fiona Pulle and the Genesis team