Genesis information

Genesis meets on Sundays normally starting at 10am in the Church Hall and continuing until 10.45am. Genesis will then join mid-way through the church service in time to share our learning with the congregation, for prayers, a short sermon and for singing. The church service will finish by 11.15am so we may all leave together and enjoy fellowship over a drink and biscuit back in the recently decorated Church Hall. Holy Communion continues to be offered at the 4th Sunday in the month but is also available at the 9am Sunday services. Family services held at 10.30am in church usually coincide with special festivals.

The Genesis programme for the Spring term up to and including Easter is below:
  • Jan 8th- 10am Genesis: Welcome back to Genesis and focus on Epiphany
  • Jan 15th- 10am Genesis: Abraham
  • Jan 22nd – 10am Genesis: David early life
  • Jan 29th – 10am Genesis: King David and Holy Communion in church
  • Feb 5th – 10am Genesis. Preparations for Family service input next week
  • Feb 12th – 10.30am Family Service in church with Genesis involvement
  • Feb 19th – no Genesis today – beginning of half term holiday
  • Feb 26th – 10am Genesis: Lent session one and Holy Communion in church
  • March 5th – 10am Genesis: Lent session two
  • March 12th – 10am Genesis: Lent session three and preparation for Mothering Sunday
  • March 19th – 10.30am Mothering Sunday Family Service in church
  • March 26th – 10am Genesis: Passion Sunday and Holy Communion in church
  • April 2nd – 10.30am Palm Sunday Family Service in church with Genesis involvement – visit by Misty, a local donkey!
  • April 9th – 10.30am Easter Sunday Family Service in church with family Communion
  • April 16th – 10am Genesis resumes
For more information, please contact one of the Genesis team:

Fiona Pullé, Jayne Cawood and Karen Cragg

Phone: 01477-537796/ 07443 644457