Successful Garden Treasure Trail!

Organised by St Luke’s Social Committee, the Garden Treasure Trail on Sunday afternoon 19th June led between three houses and gardens but could be done in any order:

  • 12 Southlands (Bridget and David Senior  – tea and scones here)
  • 14 St Andrews Drive (Judy, Rachel and Derek Copley – prosecco and nibbles here); and
  • 74A London Road (Jean and Rob McLaren – cakes and tea here)

The Trail was a chance for St Luke’s to socialise again, make new friendships, renew old ones, enjoy refreshments and have some light-hearted fun along the way. Maps had been provided at a nominal £1 charge showing a Treasure Trail with questions to answer en route between the houses.   There were donation bowls at each venue and activities available for children in the gardens.

Bridget Senior writes:

At the ‘Tea and Scones’ stop in Southlands, it was good to see so many enjoying the age old tradition of homemade scones, jam and clotted cream in an English garden once more. My scone making skills were revived post lockdown and dozens were baked in the kitchen during the week. I feel the ‘Treasure Hunt and Afternoon Tea’ should definitely become an annual summer event.

Carole Elliott writes:

In the Copley’s garden plenty of Prosecco and nibbles were served. We had an early influx of about 20 people and it was lovely to see everyone chatting to each other. It was also nice that people had brought friends with them to join in as well. The weather was dry but still fairly cool at this point but it did warm up nicely later.  This group then seemed to move off to Southlands for scones, and then after a period of two or three meandering in, we had another influx of at least 10 to 15 people.

Jean McLaren writes:

Our wonderful St Luke’s bakers had been busy and we had a table absolutely full of delicious cakes and treats. There was a slow start at the vicarage (we worked out most had opted for prosecco first!) so we were quite relieved when the multitudes arrived later on in the afternoon to help us make an impression on the cakes. It was great to see everyone, thanks for coming and supporting it and for the delicious cakes!


If you came to our Garden Trail, we hope you enjoyed it.   Everything seemed to work very well, though we didn’t get any families coming through, possibly because it was Father’s Day. In all, we think about 40 people took part and the splendid total of £165 was raised in donations towards the church lighting project.  

We are not sure how many did the Treasure Trail questions on the map but, if you did, then you can find the answers here.

About the Social Committee at St Luke’s

Currently it’s a small but very enthusiastic group of six ladies. However, we would welcome some help as we plan and organise the events for the year ahead.  If you’d like to join us or else offer your help on the day, just let one of us know.  We promise you our meetings are brief and much of our planning is conducted via email!  Also if you have any ideas for future events, please let us know.

Barbara Street, Bridget Senior, Carole Elliott, Jean McLaren, Judith Copley and Rachel Copley