Dear Friends

Recently I have been thinking about the importance of the people in our lives. Whether it is family, friends, neighbours or people we see regularly, people can make such a difference to how we feel and how we manage the challenges and opportunities which daily life offers us.Those few moments of chat as you meet a friend in the village or a visit to somebody can make such a difference to someone’s day.

In the last couple of months we have lost several much-loved members of our Church family. During these times the comfort and support from family, friends and our community takes on a special significance and will be a tremendous help to those grieving for their loved ones.

We are blessed at St Luke’s to have the support of our Network groups. Judith Hall and her Networkers do an amazing job of keeping the community of St Luke’s together, especially during this time of interregnum. On several occasions recently I’ve heard people from the congregation comment that somebody was being supported by their Networker. Whether this was someone who was recently bereaved or somebody in need of support because of illness, our Network groups can provide vital help and companionship when it is needed most. If you would like to become involved in our Network please contact Judith Hall and she would be happy to talk to you.

As the number of houses in the village increases we have a wonderful opportunity to increase the size of our own congregation by welcoming those new to Holmes Chapel to St Luke’s. We have seen a number of newcomers in Church in recent months but we do wish to extend a very warm welcome to anybody who has recently moved into the village. As a church we are aiming to “make Christ known in the community of Holmes Chapel so that all can share in the joy of God’s love.”

We look forward to welcoming our new vicar, Canon Rob McLaren, and his wife Jean as they move to Holmes Chapel in November. We would like to support them as they make new friends in the village and become an important part of the community here at St Luke’s. 

As we move towards autumn may you continue to feel the support and love of family, friends and our community.

Alastair and Jayne
(on behalf of the Wardens team)