It feels as though the summer is shaping up to be quite typically British…we have spells of torrential downpours with some flash flooding and then we have extended periods of tropical heat. Initially, we like the heat and the long summer days but after too long we hope for some respite and some slightly cooler weather. Sometimes we are never happy unless we are complaining about the weather! Personally, I love our British weather, I like the variety we get and would think that if every day had the same weather we would all get quite bored, and, dare I say, complacent about it. Variety is the spice of life as they say!

Summer also brings us the time for holidays when activities in the church can take a small break and I, for one, love my holidays. Holidays, whether they be at home or abroad, can provide a break from everyday pressures and help to balance our mind, body and spirit. I feel as though life today is getting more and more pressurised and, whilst I think that hard work in itself is not to be shied away from, the mental pressures and anxieties that modern living can cause are a growing concern for us all. Having a break from all this is not being selfish, it is sensible and necessary!

A healthy balance?

Taking some time out to think about our everyday lives is an essential part of finding a healthy balance. But, what is it in our day to day lives that causes us to need a holiday or a break so much?

Working all the time isn’t healthy. Similarly, being on holiday all the time, whilst it may sound appealing, might eventually get tedious. Again, variety is the spice of life and helps maintain a healthy balance. Do you believe that you have the right balance in your life? 

Remember, that whenever Jesus felt overwhelmed from the constant pressures of people chasing him, following him, asking him questions, demanding miracles, he needed time to reflect and recharge his batteries. He often did this by going into the mountains to get away from it all for a time. This was holy time, or a holy day…….or, as we now often refer to it, a holiday.  

So whether you are home or away this summer, if you can manage some spiritual reflection in addition to the obligatory fun, food, fellowship and laughter of holidays then you would help nourish your mind, body and spirit….and maybe you might be able to identify some changes that could help redress or rebalance your day-to-day life.

Have a great summer.

May the Lord continue to guide us all through 2019.

Alastair and Jayne (on behalf of the Wardens team)