This month’s evening meeting was entitled “Friendship”. We discussed what we thought Friendship was, at what point does an acquaintance or colleague become  a friend, do we need friends and why, where can you go to find Friendship, and what things can you do as acts of friendship?

We all agreed that friendships were very important, and that each friend is different from another one. A friend is someone you can pick up with after a long time and it is as if you saw them only yesterday. A friend is almost family, and they are someone with whom you don’t have to talk, but just be prepared to listen to. There are many places you can find friendship, from the internet (online dating/Facebook) to Church, the pub, school, work, dog-walking and even the local coffee shop.

A full report of the meeting can be read on page 7 of the October Parish Magazine.

Photo by Nani Williams on Unsplash