Gifts of Clothing and non-perishables – February 2022 Update

Dear Friends

On behalf of St Luke’s Church Family we are pleased to update news about donations to our friends in need.

Firstly, BARNABUS – serving our homeless friends in Manchester

We continue to be very grateful to Steve Best of Holmes Chapel Methodist Church who kindly collects donations efficiently from our home when we have some to offer. Whilst our garage still overflows somewhat with generous donations from the local community we are grateful to those donors who have made their own arrangements to contact him themselves. A good friend recently advised us of the following message from BARNABUS staff:

“When we move our friends off the streets and into accommodation one of the greatest challenges they face is boredom as they have left their friends on the streets but have little entertainment. Please donate books, complete board games, cards, radios and activities to help our friends.”


We heard recently that we may at last begin to take donations to the Parish Centre once more. We have been just once during the past two years because of necessary precautions with regard to coronavirus. Our friends at Brinnington Parish Centre have no storage space, so they will need to sell the contents of each car load before we think about loading up with another. Thanks to the generosity of our readers we are still holding an exceptionally large and unusually tall pile of stock which could take well over three months to clear, provided we can go regularly, perhaps once a fortnight. We still have a very small waiting list of people who are still keeping their items until we are able to collect them.

Thirdly, a friendly reminder – intended to preserve the dignity and wellbeing of recipients of our gifts

We respect our donors’ personal circumstances; very sadly on many occasions clothing has been offered because a loved one has died, or someone is moving home urgently, so donations are passed on as quickly as possible. Recently a large anonymous donation appeared at St Luke’s church. We always check and sort the donations before repacking them to continue their journey. This time, we found some items obviously stained and dirty. The high quality garments were still on their hangers, perhaps taken directly from a wardrobe. We ask you please to make sure that all your donated items are clean and in a fit state to be given to others, particularly to homeless and vulnerable people.

Readers, as the seasons change and you are planning to give, please leave a message on our answerphone at HC 535497. We will return your call to arrange a mutually convenient time for collection.

For donations to Barnabus, you can also contact Steve Best direct by email to or mobile: 07875 765411.

Thank you all for putting others first. Keep safe!

Best wishes
Judith and William Hall
tel. HC 535497