Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash

Dear Friends

The new internal lighting system at St Luke’s is being launched at the very time we celebrate the true light coming into the world. Consider it an enhanced celebration of Christmas.

It was several years ago that the PCC made its first attempt to renew the lighting inside the church. Our attempts to replace our previous energy-inefficient lights, more suited to lighting a driveway than a historical church, have been refused more than once by the Diocesan authorities. We have shown determination, helped by Alastair Cragg’s perseverance, and have ended up with a specification which gives us LED special features as well as a more energy-efficient system. And it emphasises some of the lovely features of our nearly 600-year-old building. Come and see for yourself this Christmas.

There will be a selection of special services for you and your friends:

  • A Nativity Service, for and by the children.
  • A Candlelit Carol Service, with readings and carols to sing and to hear.
  • A choice of two crib/Christingle services for all of the family.
  • An atmospheric Midnight Communion to welcome the first hour of Christmas.
  • And two Christmas Morning services in the style of our regular Sunday services, one more traditional and formal, the other more relaxed and visual.

Come to the ones which you prefer, and bring others too!

In his gospel, the apostle John uses the idea of light to illustrate what happened at the first Christmas. He introduces the Word, who is God the creator. A few sentences later it becomes clear that he is writing about Jesus: The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

The Word is described as the light for people, and the light that shines in the darkness, and the true light which gives light to every person.

Light makes such a difference on a dark night. Jesus makes such a difference as we seek to live lives with meaning in this confused and corrupt world.

Light shines so that everyone may see. Jesus is not like a personal torch. He is like the floodlights at the football match, the spotlights at the theatre. Without Jesus there is darkness, confusion, many sleepwalking into danger. With Jesus there is clarity, community and a confidence for those who seek to walk in the light.

Light isn’t a problem resource. There is more than enough for all. It’s just that some prefer the darkness. That’s why Jesus came. To shine the light and to draw us out of the shadows and into the brilliance of his presence.

If the new lights in church strike you as impressive. Then consider Jesus the light of the world as most impressive, and worship him with us this Christmas.

Happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year to you,


Canon Rob McLaren, Vicar