Christmas Eve Christingle and Crib services at 3pm and 5pm
Shining light into darkness. 

Come and join us for a memorable Christingle and Crib service to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Christingle. This is a special candlelit family celebration, that will raise money for the vital work of The Children’s Society and it is an opportunity to watch the children create a wonderful crib scene.

It’s been over 50 years since The Children’s Society first introduced the Christingle service to England. It has worked tirelessly with over 1 million children in this country who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. Through services and campaigning they listen, support and act to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children.

So where do I collect my money to support the work of the Children’s Society?

Christingle collecting candles or envelopes will be available in Church and Genesis from Sunday 1st

December and there are enough for at least one per family to fill.  This year we shall be holding our Christingle and Crib service yet again on Christmas Eve, Tuesday 24th December where we will hold two identical services, one at 3pm and another at 5pm.  Please return your family’s collecting candle/envelope at one of these services and each child can swap it for a Christingle. To help with arrangements on the day, Genesis children have already been asked to indicate if they are attending the service.  However, if you know of any other children who would like to take part, I can be contacted on 07443 644457 or alternatively there will be 2 lists at the back of Church, one for 3pm and the another for 5pm service where names can be added. I can then arrange for you to have a collecting candle/envelope prior to the service, and it also helps us to have an idea about how many Christingles to make! 

We are encouraged in Matthew to ‘Let your light shine before all people’ so please join us and let your light shine through our Christingle celebration on the 24th December.  Also watch out for the human Christingle which may well be making a return this year!

Fiona Pullé
On behalf of the Genesis Team