Celebrating lives together in a post-pandemic world

The old saying “how time flies” is so applicable as I reflect over the last year and a half.

We’ve all experienced ups and downs, to say the least. Our new way of life has brought with it many changes across all aspects of life. From wearing face masks and never being far from the sanitiser to working out how we social distance in church, oh, and then there’s Zoom. It’s the closest I’ve come to DJ’ing…….but perhaps the less we say about that the better!

Zoom aside, the things that have kept me going throughout all this, are the strength and grace of God plus the kindness I’ve experienced from within this community. Jean, my wonderful wife, and I arrived in Holmes Chapel in November 2019. In the first four months of work, we settled right in; getting to know our community, experiencing the local businesses, and enjoying the lovely surroundings. Little did we know that so much would dramatically change in the following months.

It’s been a roller coaster journey, as I’m sure many will agree. But as we slowly ease out of lockdown, the last year has really brought home how resilient we can be when it comes to coping with challenges.

From our NHS heroes, key workers and those who have been shielding, to all the parents and grandparents faced with the challenge of home schooling. Everyone has had such an important role to play within the pandemic. Personally, I’ve lost my Dad in lockdown and gained a new appreciation of the devotion of so many carers.

However, although we’re finally on the verge of being able to move forward with our new normal, we will never forget the moments with loved ones that were lost, or the opportunity to say a proper goodbye.

This element of the pandemic weighed on me the most during lockdown, which is why I’m pleased to be able to offer you the chance to properly commemorate the life of your loved one alongside your friends and family.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support you in celebrating the life of a loved one, just give me a call on 01477 668695 (Holmes Chapel vicarage), or email me at vicar@stlukesholmes chapel.uk

Canon Rob McLaren