May Letter 2024

May Letter 2024

We thank the Lord for over twenty years of Genesis leadership by Fiona, Jayne and Karen and we thank the Lord for a new Sunday Children’s Group team who have already started this term’s Genesis group.

April letter 2024

From Jayne, our Churchwarden

Dear Friends
At the time of writing this Rob and Jean are enjoying a well-earned holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia, so Rob asked if I would write the magazine’s letter for April. I am delighted to do so as we move from reflecting on the dramatic events of Holy Week to celebrating the joy of Easter Sunday.

March letter 2024

From our vicar, Rob:

Dear friends – we are in the season of Lent….. In St Luke’s, the adults’ Lent Challenge is called ‘Hear the Word’ when we commit ourselves to listening to the whole New Testament read to us by the Christian actor David Suchet.

You can find the link to the YouTube Play List of his reading of the whole Bible below.

February letter 2024

From our vicar, Rob:

Let me introduce six of our Anglican friends from North Argentina.  They visited St Luke’s for an evening in mid-January and some of you may have met them personally.

They come from the Diocese of Argentina Norte with over a hundred churches serving a vast area of sparse population across the Gran Chaco, together with a few large cities in the Andes foothills. Our link parish is in Salta, a city of 700,000 souls – see collage above- and from where the northern diocese has been administered.

December letter 2023

The Christmas Bible Readings at the Carol Service this year will have extra resonance because of the disturbing events in Israel and Gaza in recent times. The same land that has witnessed such brutality and death this year, that same land saw the birth of the Prince of Peace and the giver of eternal life two thousand years ago.

It is worth pausing to receive the help of the Bible and the Christmas story in understanding the long history of the land at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. It will help us to be aware of the complexities often ignored by the political rhetoric, and of the fuller list of peoples who have claimed ownership of this land over the centuries…………………

November 2023 letter

There are practical issues which are proving a challenge for us at St Luke’s Church, as we play our part in helping people remember during the month of November.

On Remembrance Sunday 12th November, we welcome hundreds of local people to the Churchyard as we remember the sacrifice of so many servicemen and women, and also of our forebears, whose resilience has carried our community through world wars, terrorism and other threats of danger. In the last 18 months, the Churchyard has also been a good focus for village Jubilee and Coronation celebrations………..

October 2023 letter

Over the last two years our village has become moderately well known for two things which ten years ago would have seemed very unlikely. These are first: Harry Styles heritage tours, and second: celebrations involving lots of knitting…….

From 2nd to 13th October, St Luke’s Church will be transformed, as it hosts the Knitted Bible Experience. Thirty-five scenes from the Bible are reimagined using knitted characters. Favourites from the Old Testament and New, including Noah’s Ark and Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep. And you may have already noticed the impressive bunting in the churchyard…….

September 23 Letter

September 23 Letter

There are two initiatives for children and their parents, COMING SOON at St Luke’s.

In early October (2nd-13th) we have the return of the Knitted Bible Experience. Thirty-five scenes from the Bible are reimagined using knitted characters. Favourites from the Old Testament and New, including Noah’s Ark and Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep……

On 14th September, we launch a Toddler Group for parents/grandparents and their pre-school children. It will be named Early Birds, because the group will meet in the first part of Thursday mornings, from 9am to 10am, at St Luke’s Church Hall at the far end of the Tesco Car Park.

July/August 2023 letter

Do you want to know who chooses the Bible readings for our services at St Luke’s? And how are they chosen?

It’s worth knowing. It matters. The Bible is the Word of God, and contains all things necessary for salvation. And the weekly Bible Reading is the largest influence on the sermon. If you care about what the church is preaching, you will care about how its Bible readings are chosen …………..

June 2023 letter

This month we are starting our Summer sermon series from the Book of Daniel. It is from the Old Testament, and it is a book for our times.

Daniel was one of the young men who was taken from Jerusalem to Babylon, when the Babylonian Empire invaded and sought to dominate the Kingdom of Judah………

Very quickly, Daniel had to move from a society where worshipping the one true God was normal, to a society where normal was ‘competing worldviews and many gods’. In Babylon, the only god that all of the people had to worship was ‘whatever the Government says’.

If you have lived through the last 80 years in Britain, you have experienced a similar transition, albeit more gradual than Daniel’s………