July 22 letter

July 22 letter

Photo by Tim Wildsmith on Unsplash July 2022 Letter from our Vicar Dear Friends, The Psalms in the Bible have played a big part in the life of many Christians.  I remember how a couple once told me Psalm 91 had got them through World War 2; reading it together each...

June 22 letter

I’m giving thanks for 70 years of the gracious reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and I’m glad so many people in our nation and Commonwealth are joining the thanksgiving.

It is a unique thing to be in the generation which is marking a Platinum Jubilee. It is a more remarkable thing that we are the generation which has benefitted from her leadership as our Head of State for so long. We probably take the benefits for granted, but we shouldn’t.

May 22 Letter

We need prayer. We always need prayer.

And when all sorts of other things on which we rely are feeling less reliable, we do well to recognise that a living relationship with our Heavenly Father is more necessary than ever. We need prayer because the lifeblood of our relationship with God is prayer.

April 22 letter

It is hard to believe the cruelty shown to Jesus at the first Easter. How could the authorities commit such injustice in the plain view of large crowds? How could the people be manipulated to that extent? The atrocity of a cruel execution for a person admired and loved by so many, it seems inconceivable.

How did Jesus’ death on the cross happen? Some consider it so unpalatable that they prefer to say it didn’t happen (that’s the mainstream Muslim position)! It is hard to get your head around. But the events in Ukraine this month have made us see how such evil acts are not so rare. Such inhumanity is not so inconceivable when our eyes are opened.

Mar 2022 letter

One of the great strengths of the Church of England, since its inception nearly 500 years ago, has been its prayerbook. Archbishop Thomas Cranmer wrote some cracking prayers. Those prayers have provided the words which have helped generations of English-speaking Christians to pray heartfelt, spiritually mature, linguistically beautiful, straightforward prayers to the Lord.

This Lent we have a Teaching series on prayer with a focus on good prayers out of the book. If you have a favourite prayer, come and tell us about it at church. Hopefully there will be a spot in many of our services when a church member stands up, comes out to the front, tells us about their favourite prayer and why it’s a favourite, then leads us in praying it.

Feb 2022 letter

Dear Friends

After all our lives have been disrupted over the last two years, some of us most severely, it feels like time for us to catch up. Things are heading towards a little more normality. So there are opportunities to catch up.

At Christmas Jean and I were able to see our son, daughter-in-law, daughter and my brother and his family from Australia, all together, for the first time in a long time. We did a lot of catching up.

This month, St Luke’s is hosting the Knitted Bible Experience, for primary schoolchildren and all visitors. It seems so long since we were able to host school classes in church. And so rarely we have had the church doors open for allcomers. We’re catching up with what has been unable to happen for a long while.