MU Meeting 19 Feb 23

At this month’s meeting we invited Daryl Hales and his wife, Sue, to come and speak about their individual experiences in their recovery from alcoholism.

This was a really interesting and informative talk and Daryl and Sue hoped it had given us an insight into the issues of alcohol and alcoholism.

MU Epiphany service 2023

It was lovely to see about 28 members, including several from Sandbach Heath and Brereton, turn up on a very cold, snowy day for our Epiphany service and party on Wed 18th Jan.

Canon Rob conducted a Communion Service for us, and reminded us of the importance of Epiphany. After the service he enrolled his mother, Margaret McLaren, as a member of
the Mothers’ Union.

MU Meeting 16 Nov 22

The recent considerable rise in MU fees prompted quite a discussion. Ann Peach, from Brereton and a Trustee of MU, was able to explain where all the fees went to and how MU is in deficit by a considerable amount.

The main theme for the meeting was ‘Who has inspired you?’ and three of our members shared their personal accounts.

MU Meeting 19 Oct 22

The meeting included a very interesting talk by John Clowes, entitled: “Twenty years of garden design and how it happened”.

John began by telling us about his father’s interest in his childhood garden in Timperley but that his own interest and passion only began when he married and had his own home to garden.

MU Meeting 21 Sep 2022

MU Meeting 21 Sep 2022

MU Meeting 21st September – Ellen Matthews

Well, where do I begin? Ellen Matthews turned up for our meeting and immediately went to change into her ‘costume’ – see above. This was an MU wrap skirt and turban and a Mothers’ Union Faith in Action t-shirt. This lady certainly showed Faith in Action.

MU April-May 2022

For our April meeting we welcomed Shena Lewington, a Funeral Celebrant, based in Winterley, who gave us a lovely talk entitled ‘Hatch, Match and Dispatch’.

Shena has been invited to give talks on the Queen Mary sailing across to New York, so we were honoured to have her practice run on her talk, which she introduced with the idea of ‘Telling the Bees’. In days gone by people told the bees about happenings in the village, including rites of passage.

MU Annual Meeting

Report for March 2022 Meeting This was our first AGM for two years due to the Covid pandemic and lockdowns. We usually give a report of our meetings, which this year consisted of visits from Ellie Dick (Lead Health Referral from the Everybody Community Centre), Lisa...