St Luke’s Brinnington

Our good friends at Brinnington continue to be most grateful for the donations from Holmes Chapel area.  For some time now, we have been able to deliver your donations to the Brinnington Parish Centre.

They hold two Drop In sales with stalls each week. Items used to stock the stalls must be sold before any new delivery may be accepted as there is no storage space available. However, we generally go with gifts from Holmes Chapel about once a fortnight.

Parish Centre staff also remind us that any donations too large to fit inside a small hatchback car cannot now be handled. Clean bedding, curtains, towels, kitchen items (no bladed articles), bric-a-brac, small quantities of good quality clothing for adults & children, shoes, toys & books are most welcome.

Thank you for putting others first in the Summer Sort Out!  If you plan to donate, please leave a message on HC 535497 and we will return your call to arrange a time for collection.


Judith & William Hall
HC 535497