The staff and volunteers at Barnabus continue to do wonderful things for homeless people in Manchester, but they need all the support we can give especially during the pandemic. Steve Best is a trustee of Barnabus and makes regular visits and so can deliver gifts of food and clothing. They really need:-
  • mens jeans and jogging bottoms in all sizes but especially small
  • small and medium men’s Tshirts
  • raincoats
  • rucksacks
They are also short of:-
  • Porridge Pots, and snack/flapjack bars
  • Long life milk
  • Tinned meals; Meatballs, Chilli con carne, Ravioli etc.
  • Tinned meat; Hotdogs, Stewing steak, Corned beef
  • Tinned fruit and vegetables
If you have donations for Steve to take to Barnabus, please contact him directly – or phone – 07875 765411.  Alternatively, Judith and William Hall will accept donations and Steve will collect from them.