Gifts to the homeless and those in need – update September 2022

Dear Friends

On behalf of St Luke’s Church Family we are pleased to update you with news about your donations of clothing and non-perishables to those in need.

Firstly, BARNABUS – a Christian charity providing a lifeline to the homeless in Manchester for 30 years

For suggested donations, please check the Barnabus website or call the Barnabus Support Office on 0161 237 3223.  You can also contact Steve Best of Holmes Chapel Methodist Church by
email: or phone 07875 765. Steve regularly comes to our home to collect donations for Barnabus.

Currently suggested items for Barnabus include:

Pre-loved clothing for men: shoes or trainers size 7, 8, 9, 10;  jeans size 28-32; joggers small – medium; coats or jackets in all sizes.

For ladies: NEW only please, women’s bras and briefs sizes 8-10; packs of individually wrapped sanitary products.

Food: pot noodles, cereal bars, chocolate, crisps, cordial, long life milk, coffee, tea, sugar, individual bottles of water & small cartons of juice;

Other essentials: rucksacks 50/60L; sleeping bags seasons 3 & 4; shampoo, roll-on deodorant.

Donations of books, complete board games, cards, radios and other activity materials continue to be most welcome to support recipients of the Barnabus service who are now in accommodation after a period on the streets,


For some time now, we have been able to deliver your donations to the Brinnington Parish Centre.  Unfortunately there is still no storage space, and so donations from each delivery must be cleared before we can take more. However, we generally go with gifts from Holmes Chapel about once a fortnight.

Lastly, a friendly reminder aimed at preserving the dignity and wellbeing of recipients of our gifts

We understand that often there is some urgency to donate clothing etc because a loved one has died or someone is moving home.  However, Barnabus ask that all clothing items donated to them are clean and in a fit state to be given to others, and preferably are first washed at 60C or over before donation. We encourage this for any of your clothing donations to homeless and vulnerable people.

Readers, as the seasons change once more and you are planning to donate, please kindly leave a message on our answerphone at HC 535497. We will return your call to arrange a time for collection.

Thank you all for loving your neighbours in such a practical way.


Judith and William Hall
tel. HC 535497