Christian Aid Lent 2024

Lent lunches supporting Christian Aid will be held again in St Luke’s Church Hall (from 12 noon) followed by recitals in the Church (from 1.15pm) on Friday 23rd Feb and Friday 1st, 8th and 15th March,

February letter 2024

From our vicar, Rob:

Let me introduce six of our Anglican friends from North Argentina.  They visited St Luke’s for an evening in mid-January and some of you may have met them personally.

They come from the Diocese of Argentina Norte with over a hundred churches serving a vast area of sparse population across the Gran Chaco, together with a few large cities in the Andes foothills. Our link parish is in Salta, a city of 700,000 souls – see collage above- and from where the northern diocese has been administered.

MU Epiphany Meeting 2024

We always celebrate the first meeting of the year with an Epiphany party.

Our Vicar, Rob, conducted a lovely short Communion service for the 30 members who attended in spite of the cold and icy weather conditions.

Rising Antisemitism

There has been a rise in antisemitism in recent years, and an explosive increase in hatred towards Jewish people in the last two months. How can we make sense of such a troubling pattern, which has had a profound effect on the Jews in our nation?

Community choir at Tatton 2023

Community choir at Tatton 2023

On the cold afternoon of Saturday 25th November 2023, the dulcet tones of the Community Choir could be heard resonating from the entrance block to the Farm at Tatton Park, under the leadership of Wendy Macdonald.

MU meeting November 2023

On 15th Nov 23 we welcomed Jane Colley as our speaker. She is a volunteer at St Paul’s Centre in Crewe Christian Concern. St Paul’s was one of the Railways Churches and was built in 1869. The centre continues to work with disadvantaged people in society.

December letter 2023

The Christmas Bible Readings at the Carol Service this year will have extra resonance because of the disturbing events in Israel and Gaza in recent times. The same land that has witnessed such brutality and death this year, that same land saw the birth of the Prince of Peace and the giver of eternal life two thousand years ago.

It is worth pausing to receive the help of the Bible and the Christmas story in understanding the long history of the land at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. It will help us to be aware of the complexities often ignored by the political rhetoric, and of the fuller list of peoples who have claimed ownership of this land over the centuries…………………