November 2021 letter

November 2021 letter

Life is not straightforward at the moment. We have been glad to resume all of our services in church, but the need to be careful has been heightened by the relatively high number of local Covid cases in recent weeks. So we take care. And we are busy planning……

One of our plans is to host the Knitted Bible Experience next February 2022 and invite local primary school children to enjoy the experience.

Another is to resume our tradition of lively busy Christmas services. We are also working with the Royal British Legion, the Parish Council and the Uniformed Organisations to enable a Remembrance Sunday with large participation.  

As a church, we are keen to regain momentum and help our community forward…….

Praying together in the Autumn

Praying Together in the Autumn@St Luke’s, Holmes Chapel
– to help you in your personal worship.

O Lord, open our lips;
And our mouth shall proclaim your praise.
Let your ways be known upon earth,
Your saving power among the nations.

Annual Service to Remember

Service to Remember - 7th Nov Come for a short service in St Luke’s Church with hymns and prayers and time to reflect on loved ones lost. Sunday 7th November at 4pm (family & friends are welcome too) Please bring a mask and maybe bring a photo of your loved...

Community Choir is meeting again!

The Community Choir is now able to sing together again in person on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. It’s an ideal time for newcomers to join and have a good sing together…..

Genesis October 2021

Genesis October 2021

We were excited to be back in the Church Hall in September with our new time and changes to the Church service.

We now meet at the Church Hall from 9.45am so we can promptly start at 9.50am and finish at 10.25am. We will then go over to the church to join in the Morning Worship service.